Monday, October 25, 2010

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend, our family and a another couple headed out to the pumpkin patch!
Hadley did great and enjoyed seeing everything. I always get nervous taking her places because that girl can throw a fit in a minute! We had a great time and she was wide open the rest of the day! I love seeing her grow up and experience new things. She has such a fun personality

Picking pumpkins!

In the corn maze!

In my little red wagon!

I love my daddy!

I am the cutest thing ever!

Those pigs stink!

I am so sweet!

Don{t worry, I got it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stay At Home Mommy!

No, sadly, I am not going to be one yet. However, I did get some experience this week and weekend. Hadley got horribly sick on Wednesday with a stomach virus, which gave her the worst diaper rash, and then a kidney infection. She was so pitiful. We had to do pee and poo samples to figure out what was wrong. And she was awake most of the night for three nights. Whew, I am still recovering. Eric went to the SC/Bama game and I was so jealous. I wanted to go but I couldn't leave Hadley. He even thought about not going but I bet he's glad he didn't make that decision. Because we BEAT THE #1 TEAM IN THE NATION! If you don't know, SC has always been an underperformer in the SEC, but not anymore!! I still can't believe it.

While Eric was at the game, Hadley and I decided to go to a little pumpkin patch and let her look at them and pick out a few. She had a good time but it was still pretty hot. We had such a fun time together yesterday, she was so sweet!

Anyway, Eric has taken care of Hadley all day so I could do some grad school work. But he's a man and sometimes forgets the details. You know, like car seat buckles. I am behind the car and all of a sudden, I see a head, then a forward roll, and then she's on her back on the driveway. She was completely fine, just a few little scrapes, but this mama sure wasn't. I keep replaying it in my head. It was horrible. But she's so tough, a few minutes later she was back to playing.
We've had a great weekend and I even have the day off tomorrow. YAY for furlough days!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thirteen Months!

Hadley, you are THIRTEEN months old and I cannot believe how fast the time goes. It breaks my heart!

What are you doing?

You are 31 inches tall and off the charts in height and your legs are so long! You weigh 21 pounds, tall and skinny! You are in 18 month clothes. They are a little big but your 12 month clothes are too short!

You don’t enjoy meal time, I think because your options are so limited. Your favorites are baby grapes, bananas, graham crackers, and chicken and rice. I feel like these are the only things you eat. I try to make new things but you push them away. You have to drink Nutramigen for your milk, so I’m sure you are getting plenty of calories and vitamins. At least, I hope you are!

You love to be outside, hot or cold, rain or shine! You know to put on your shoes before you go out and how to push open the screen door and gate. You love to climb, run, slide, swing, and ride your car.

You love new places and especially stores so you can run and hide from me and daddy. When you meet new people, you act shy, but then you become wide open quickly. You smile at everyone and they think your smile is the cutest! Because it is! This is your new face that you make everytime you see the camera!

Your naps are finally good and consistent. However, at night you still get up at least once. And you still get up VERY early everyday!

You love Mother’s Morning Out and playing with your friends. You love to play with your babies. You feed them, hold them, and push them in the stroller, and throw them when you are done with them! We are learning how to be gentle! You also love purses and mommy’s make-up. I think you are going to be a girly-girl and I LOVE it! You play by yourself pretty well but I still can't leave the room without you.

I still can’t believe how blessed your daddy and I are that we were chosen as your parents.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Heart Fall!

We had a such a great weekend! Hadley is cutting her first molar and is snotty and runny and getting up at 4:30 in the morning ready for the day. But it has been beautiful and felt great here in SC! Eric and I had planned to go on a date Friday night but his sister was tired so we ended up not going, which was fine. I went shopping and Eric's friend stopped by to have a pretty deep discussion...Gamecock football. The Gamecock's had a bye week and it was nice to have Eric around all day. He and Hadley played outside all day. We are lucky to have two parks within golf cart driving distance so we went to both Saturday and Sunday. Hadley's favorite things are parks and golf carts and she loved it. Eric and I were also able to go to Sunday School and church, which is rare because Hadley can't always make it through both. Eric's sister came and stayed with Hadley, she lives in Atlanta, and we are always thrilled when she comes to visit. We also went a Sunday drive to look at houses, which proved to be unproductive. Maybe one day soon....

Look at those long legs!

On the see saw!

Sliding with Daddy!