Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Heart Fall!

We had a such a great weekend! Hadley is cutting her first molar and is snotty and runny and getting up at 4:30 in the morning ready for the day. But it has been beautiful and felt great here in SC! Eric and I had planned to go on a date Friday night but his sister was tired so we ended up not going, which was fine. I went shopping and Eric's friend stopped by to have a pretty deep discussion...Gamecock football. The Gamecock's had a bye week and it was nice to have Eric around all day. He and Hadley played outside all day. We are lucky to have two parks within golf cart driving distance so we went to both Saturday and Sunday. Hadley's favorite things are parks and golf carts and she loved it. Eric and I were also able to go to Sunday School and church, which is rare because Hadley can't always make it through both. Eric's sister came and stayed with Hadley, she lives in Atlanta, and we are always thrilled when she comes to visit. We also went a Sunday drive to look at houses, which proved to be unproductive. Maybe one day soon....

Look at those long legs!

On the see saw!

Sliding with Daddy!

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