Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Funday

Since I leave for work so early, most of the time my whole family is still asleep so I wanted to be able to do some fun Valentine's things with my girls. We started the morning with pink chocolate-chip pancakes and then headed off to church.
After naps, we made Valentine's cupcakes and rice krispy treats. All of us have such a sweet tooth. Maybe that's why I can't lose weight.....

And my favorite, cleaning up the kitchen that looks like it exploded! Followed by lots of laughter and playtime!

Actually, maybe not as much laughter as usual. Hadley has been fighting a stomach bug all week and she doesn't feel well and this picture was taken when she kept trying to push Hollins over and take every.single.toy. away from her!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Working Moms-Honesty

Kelly is having a Working Mom's link-up and I felt compelled to write how I am feeling at this stage in my family's life. I call it honesty. I teach Kindergarteners and first graders with Developmental Delays. This is my seventh year teaching and I right now I just feel exhausted. I feel as though I can't give my students or my girls what they need because I am stretched so thin. I remember telling myself that I would NEVER be one of those special education teachers who got burnt out. Fast forward seven years and I need a change!
I enjoy what I do but I hate the feeling that I am not giving either job-teacher or mommy, 100%.
I also feel like I am the only person in my position, but I know that's not true. At this stage in our family's life, I have to work and I need to be okay with that.
I probably could not work but then we would have no cute clothes and eat beans and rice every night! I struggle daily with contentment and I strongly believe that God has placed me in the exact spot that He wants me right now.
I need to bloom where I am planted.
Plus, I have a great schedule. I get lots of time off and get off at a reasonable time, free childcare and an amazing support team.
And I get to come home to these sweet faces everyday!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What A Week!

The past week and a half has been so stressful and tiring. A few weeks ago, Eric and I saw a house that we loved. So we went through the pre-approval process quickly and were about to make an offer and found that someone had beaten us to it.
So we decided to put our house on the market, just to see what would happen and in the meantime we were going to look around to see what we liked and take our time.
we put our house on the market last Tuesday, found the PERFECT house on Thursday, made an offer that night. We signed the contract Friday. We had a few showings through the week and last night we signed a contract on our house.
We our so blessed and thankful that this process has been so quick. God has provided for our family and taught us to trust Him even with something that, in the grand scheme of things, is so small. My bible study this entire week has been on trust MORE, worry LESS.
We are moving from a house that is 1380 square feet to one that has 2800 square feet. I could not be more excited.
Here is a glimpse into the home we currently live.
Foyer/Main Hall

Living Room

Master Bedroom


Hadley's Room

Hollins' Room

And here is a glimpse into the home we will be occupying on February 28!


Living Room

Dining Room



Laundry Room

The upstairs has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.