Saturday, June 30, 2012

Instra-Friday Beach Edition

On our way to the beach! Finally...
Little Hollins loves this baby and it is as big as she is!



First time Hollins had sand on her toes and she has loved every minute of it!


Wagon rides at the campground. Hadley was so sweet to share her water!


She's ready!

Family Kingdom!
This place was great for Hadley, they had so many rides for her age.



Girls are napping so Mama enjoyed her vacation with some Landshark
and addressing birthday invitations.

life rearranged

Friday, June 29, 2012

My Girls' Bedrooms

We moved into our new home in March and things are still not
settled and everything in its place. The girls' rooms are the only ones that
are actually painted something other than beige.
I wouldn't say they are completely finished, but right now with an almost 3 year old and 
and almost 1 year old, I am thankful most days to have them cleaned!

Starting with the Hollins' nursery!

Ignore the off center pictures! I am going to add another picture on the right side 
to make it center. One day...

I still need to add the mirrors over her changing table that were in the old house.

Her close, complete with a chandelier!

And here is Hadley's room.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Today was Hadley's last dance of ballet camp at a local studio.
She has loved it and we are looking forward to starting weekly lessons in August.
This morning I was lucky enough to for her to let me take some shots.
Hadley is definitely my spirited child and she can be challenging, but I LOVE her personality and
would not change a single thing about her. She is so funny and we laugh about
what she does and says all the time.


Constant skinned knees and
lots of princess turns happen in our house!

She is so allergic to dogs but she loves Lilly!


Sunday, June 17, 2012


The SC Gamecocks played in the Super Regionals last Saturday and my grandparents were sweet enough to watch the girls and give Eric and I much needed night out and to watch our beloved Gamecocks win to go on to the World Series. They are the two time national champs and we are hoping for a 3-peat!


Hadley has been going to ballet camp on Mondays and it is right at naptime. Hollins and I hang out in the Starbucks parking lot so I can do school work and she can nap.


A hungry princess.

Afterwards, we had a little impromptu photo sheet and I actually got some really good shots with the real camera.

Hadley's gymnastics studio offers a free playground between 11-1 on Tuesday-Thursday and we could just not pass up this rainy day fun. They had a great time and I definitely think this will be happening once a week!


The girls and I packed up Friday morning to head to my parents house for a birthday party on Saturday. 
What do you notice in the bottom right-hand corner? 


That afternoon, Hadley enjoyed her first Dairy Queen chocolate dipped ice cream cone.
They are so delish!


And here is our little family before the party. I have to squeeze in shots before everyone is tired and grumpy.
I love me some matching outfits!

Hadley chowing down at her cousin's birthday!

We had a great but exhausting week and we have another one coming up!
Whew...I love summertime!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainbow Cake

Last week, we had a few rainy days and I, of course, perused Pinterest to 
find some ideas to keep my oldest busy and we decided to make the rainbow cake! Hadley calls it the rainbow birthday cake and she may sing Happy Birthday everytime she eats some.
This recipe is soooo easy and kid-friendly. Nothing has to be exact.
We started with just a box of white cake mix and mixed it according to the directions on the box. Then, I let her pick 5 colors she wanted to use in the cake. We used the  food coloring because you only have to use a little to get such a vibrant color.

So, my helper helped me stir the colors into the batter.

Then, we poured half of each bowl into 2 8 x 8 round pans. Cook them in a 350* oven 
for approximately 15 minutes. Let them cool all the way or when you try to drop the cake it will pull and tear. And that is not pretty.

Here is one of the finished pans. After, you remove the cake from the pan, some people
like to cut off the rounded top so it will sit flat but, I didn't have time for that. So, we just had a nice rounded cake top! It turned out just fine. 

Here is the finished product. I let Hadley pick out the icing she wanted and she picked 
the chocolate with sprinkles! I usually make icing but this was not one of those days!

Hadley enjoying the deliciousness!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kitchen Tour

We moved into our home at the beginning of March and with two little ones, I have just not
had the time or energy to devote to decorating. Most days I am doing great if all of the dishes
are washed and the floors are swept. However, I know what I want but when that will
happen, nobody knows! My goal for the summer is to finish organizing and unpacking (yes, we
still have boxes that have not been unpacked) and to paint. I am having the most difficult
time finding that perfect color. The current color has some yellow and I want a greige!
Suggestions, please!
I also would like to do white subway tile, maybe do an island, get new countertops, new knobs,
stainless steel oven. I am definitely not going to stress myself because the kitchen, like the rest of the house is not offensive to me like our first house.
I am going to take my time and really figure out what I want to do!
Now for the kitchen tour!
This is when you look into the kitchen from the family room.


Still looking for the perfect paint color!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Insta-Friday (2 weeks)

Hadley loves to dress herself and to keep my sanity and eardrums, most days I let her if we are sticking close to home.

This outfit is a Bailey Boys top, Gap capris, white socks, and Elmo socks.


Pool playtime!


A rare day when Hadley shares her bath with her sister. 
Who knows why that is?


Showtime at Carowinds!


Another of Hadley's outfits!
Striped Target pants and (my favorite-Suck, Bang, Blow tank top, which is a biker bar
in Myrtle Beach)

Close up of said shirt.
Seriously, one of Eric's friends in-laws own it and they gave us some when she was born
and she loves them. Probably because I don't always let her wear them, you know like to church.
But, seriously, is she not gorgeous?!


Fun highchair for only $12. My MIL found another one so the girls will have to find
something else to argue about because their highchairs will now match!


Tree service men - thank you so much. One, for helping me backyard look much better. 
Two, for providing my toddler some afternoon entertainment.


We made us a rainbow cake and it is delicious.


And, another successful trip to Carowinds!

life rearranged