Friday, June 8, 2012

Insta-Friday (2 weeks)

Hadley loves to dress herself and to keep my sanity and eardrums, most days I let her if we are sticking close to home.

This outfit is a Bailey Boys top, Gap capris, white socks, and Elmo socks.


Pool playtime!


A rare day when Hadley shares her bath with her sister. 
Who knows why that is?


Showtime at Carowinds!


Another of Hadley's outfits!
Striped Target pants and (my favorite-Suck, Bang, Blow tank top, which is a biker bar
in Myrtle Beach)

Close up of said shirt.
Seriously, one of Eric's friends in-laws own it and they gave us some when she was born
and she loves them. Probably because I don't always let her wear them, you know like to church.
But, seriously, is she not gorgeous?!


Fun highchair for only $12. My MIL found another one so the girls will have to find
something else to argue about because their highchairs will now match!


Tree service men - thank you so much. One, for helping me backyard look much better. 
Two, for providing my toddler some afternoon entertainment.


We made us a rainbow cake and it is delicious.


And, another successful trip to Carowinds!

life rearranged

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  1. The rainbow cake looks soooooo good! Will you do a post on how to make it?