Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kitchen Tour

We moved into our home at the beginning of March and with two little ones, I have just not
had the time or energy to devote to decorating. Most days I am doing great if all of the dishes
are washed and the floors are swept. However, I know what I want but when that will
happen, nobody knows! My goal for the summer is to finish organizing and unpacking (yes, we
still have boxes that have not been unpacked) and to paint. I am having the most difficult
time finding that perfect color. The current color has some yellow and I want a greige!
Suggestions, please!
I also would like to do white subway tile, maybe do an island, get new countertops, new knobs,
stainless steel oven. I am definitely not going to stress myself because the kitchen, like the rest of the house is not offensive to me like our first house.
I am going to take my time and really figure out what I want to do!
Now for the kitchen tour!
This is when you look into the kitchen from the family room.


Still looking for the perfect paint color!

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