Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Weekend!

This past weekend was pretty low key for our family. We were going to eat breakfast and go to the park with some of our friends but Hadley had gotten a little cold and she was not having any part of that. After her nap, my mom and sister came up to go to the Charlotte Women's Show. Ohhh..what a mistake! Not only is Hadley quite the handful but she wasn't feeling great.. I don't think taking her until she's a little older is a bad idea!
Eric and I decided to try to get pregnant this past month and we found out this weekend that we weren't. We were a little disappointed but we know that God is in control and trust Him. Sooo, I decided that I need to get in better shape. Eric and I started P90X and so far I am LOVING it. I already feel so much better and the workouts pass fast and are enjoyable. And this is coming from the girl who HATES working out and LOVES to eat.
I am going to try to get some pictures up tomorrow of what I look like now so in 90 days I have a comparison, hopefully, there will be a change for the better!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Living Room

Our house is very old and small (we never planned to start a family in our little starter home!)so we aren't lucky enough to have a playroom. It probably wouldn't matter anyway, I'm sure there would still be toys EVERYWHERE!

This is what you see when you walk in our front door. We have ten foot ceilings and two huge columns, which I love but getting a good picture was tricky!

I love to see other's pictures and to decorate but I feel so wishy washy about what I want to do AND with toys everywhere I just don't want to spend the money to redecorate until we move to our next house! So any decorating ideas would be great!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Big Girl!

I feel like time is flying and I don't have enough hours in the day but I just wanted to share a few cute things Hadley is doing for my own memories. She is so active these days but sleeping so much better! She is even sleeping until 6 most days which is itself a miracle! She still gets up at least once a night but I'm okay with that and her naps are pretty consistent. She loves to climb, run, and jump! She might be very athletic but she will definitely have a very girly side. She loves shoes, purses, and make-up purses. She's like a little mini-me and I love it! She is also eating much better. Fruits are her favorite. She does not enjoy toast or pasta which I usually mix with her soy cheese. I can't believe she doesn't enjoy her soy cheese, it's delicious!! ;) Hadley also started Mother's Morning Out and she loves it! Her teachers have been with her in Sunday School since she was a teeny tiny and they love her and know all about her allergies and take great care of her. She is also saying more words, more, doggie, mama, daddy, milk, bottle, and she also knows a good amount of these signs. She is also able to follow a few commands, like shut the door and feed the baby. I feel like I fall in love with that girl more and more everyday. Hadley has not always been an easy baby, but I am so enjoying this time with her. I just wish that I had more time with her. I know that a teacher's schedule is desirable to many but my earnest prayer is that I would be able to eventually work part time, whether that be teaching, at our Student Services office, or MMO. Please pray that this could be a financial possibility for our family!