Sunday, June 17, 2012


The SC Gamecocks played in the Super Regionals last Saturday and my grandparents were sweet enough to watch the girls and give Eric and I much needed night out and to watch our beloved Gamecocks win to go on to the World Series. They are the two time national champs and we are hoping for a 3-peat!


Hadley has been going to ballet camp on Mondays and it is right at naptime. Hollins and I hang out in the Starbucks parking lot so I can do school work and she can nap.


A hungry princess.

Afterwards, we had a little impromptu photo sheet and I actually got some really good shots with the real camera.

Hadley's gymnastics studio offers a free playground between 11-1 on Tuesday-Thursday and we could just not pass up this rainy day fun. They had a great time and I definitely think this will be happening once a week!


The girls and I packed up Friday morning to head to my parents house for a birthday party on Saturday. 
What do you notice in the bottom right-hand corner? 


That afternoon, Hadley enjoyed her first Dairy Queen chocolate dipped ice cream cone.
They are so delish!


And here is our little family before the party. I have to squeeze in shots before everyone is tired and grumpy.
I love me some matching outfits!

Hadley chowing down at her cousin's birthday!

We had a great but exhausting week and we have another one coming up!
Whew...I love summertime!

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