Saturday, February 11, 2012

Working Moms-Honesty

Kelly is having a Working Mom's link-up and I felt compelled to write how I am feeling at this stage in my family's life. I call it honesty. I teach Kindergarteners and first graders with Developmental Delays. This is my seventh year teaching and I right now I just feel exhausted. I feel as though I can't give my students or my girls what they need because I am stretched so thin. I remember telling myself that I would NEVER be one of those special education teachers who got burnt out. Fast forward seven years and I need a change!
I enjoy what I do but I hate the feeling that I am not giving either job-teacher or mommy, 100%.
I also feel like I am the only person in my position, but I know that's not true. At this stage in our family's life, I have to work and I need to be okay with that.
I probably could not work but then we would have no cute clothes and eat beans and rice every night! I struggle daily with contentment and I strongly believe that God has placed me in the exact spot that He wants me right now.
I need to bloom where I am planted.
Plus, I have a great schedule. I get lots of time off and get off at a reasonable time, free childcare and an amazing support team.
And I get to come home to these sweet faces everyday!


  1. I completely understand! I'm thankful for my job and try to always be content but I have a desire to stay at home and be a Mommy full-time.

  2. I just happen to come across your blog tonight and this post caught my eye. I feel the same exact way! This is my 6th year teaching kindergarten and 1st grade and I have a 2 year and I LONG to stay home with her ALL the time, but I know that if I did I would put my husband in a very stressful situation and I just don't want to do that! I have always loved my job until the past 2 years. Unfortunately things have become quite difficult at work and I am hoping to make some changes that will help that situation. I get mad at myself because I have the best job that allows me to have a lot of time off with my daughter, yet it is such a demanding job at the same time! It's so nice to come across a blogger that feels the way I do:) Thanks for this post...I needed it!