Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Treats

On Fridays, I usually try to do something fun with Hadley. I know it's the early childhood teacher in me but I like to do seasonal crafts and cooking with her and she loves it!
This past Friday, I had every intention to take her to get a small pumpkin at a local church just to paint but it rained
So, I drew a pumpkin and she painted that and we made pumpkin rice krispy treats.
She didn't enjoy making these as much-she didn't not like getting the stickiness on her hands but she loved eating them. When we make anything, she likes to lick the spoon-even with things that aren't good to eat raw-like pizza dough! But she loved this!
The pictures are so blurry! One reason-I am no photographer and 2- she doesn't stop moving!

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