Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun Fall Family Weekend

How's that for some alliteration?!
We had a great weekend!
Hadley and Eric went to the football game on Saturday, which
she was super excited about!
Since she did such a great job, we are going to attempt an entire family trip.
I don't know why this makes me so nervous, but it does!
After church on Sunday, we enjoyed the beautiful, cool weather and spent most of the
day outside.
We raked leaves and let the girls jump in the piles.
I LOVE Hadley's face in this picture!




Hollins was a little wary, which surprised me! Usually, she is the one who is 
into everything, while Hadley is more cautious!


Sunday night we went to our church's annual Trunks and Treats! Normally, our SS class
has a spot, but I am so thankful we all decided to forego that so we could just enjoy being with
our kids.



My sweet little bumblebee and ladybug!

Getting the loot!

They didn't get much candy, which saddened made me happy! They were much more 
interested in the bouncy houses and sno-kones. I wish I had the desire to
jump instead of eat candy!

I just love this time of year because of all of the sweet memories we make 
as a family! This year Hadley understands so much of everything, which 
makes holidays all the more exciting!
Happy Fall, Y'all!

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