Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Christmas Time!

We started off the Christmas season with our Elf on the Shelf bringing a special snack
the day after Thanksgiving.
The girls named her Ella and we have had a lot of fun with her and the girls loving
seeing what she is going to do next.
But Ella is kind of lazy-she won't move for days!

We went to our town's Christmas parade, which was a first for us.
It was only mildly stressful and the girls did great and seemed to enjoy it!

Hadley did not enjoy the firetrucks. She is my little cautious girl.

Our town also has a weekend long festival called Christmasville.
They had lots of fun activities, but my girls mostly enjoyed the carousel and bouncy houses.

We have made Christmas cookies and baked lots of treats!

We also went to Lights at the Zoo. It was a fun experience-but it will definitely last
us a few years. It was an hour drive and the girls were tired. They also
couldn't figure out where the animals were!

They did have a marshmallow roasting pit which was fun!


My girls love some carousels!


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