Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hollins Is 8 Months

I am horrible at posting monthly updates for the girls but Hollins is at so fun right now that I wanted to remember some of the things she is doing.
Weight: 20.6 pounds
Height: No idea!

You love to stand and pull up on everything. I believe you are going to be an early walker like your sister. Hadley walked at 9 months! Yikes, I have got to get to babyproofing!

You are eating Stage 2 foods and there aren't many you don't like. But when you don't or when yu are full, you spit it out of your mouth. I try not to laugh to not to encourage you, but you are awfully cute. I have started giving her little pieces of real food. She loves pancakes andbirthday cake. Poor Hadley didn't get to enjoy of that early-I was too concerned about doing everything right. The second child may get the shaft on some things but birthday cake other times!

You love to swing and be outside. You are so much calmer and happier when outside. When we go in, that's when you liked to be held by your mama all the time. I don't mind...I enjoy having at least one mama's girl!

You love to be around your sister! You climb on her, grab her, take all of her toys. Most of the time she is pretty tolerant, other times she hits you, and my favorite, sometimes she just hugs and kisses you so hard!

Hollins, you bring so much joy and laughter to our family! We couldn't imagine life without you!
The past 8 months have gone by so quickly and I can't believe I will have a one year old in 4 short months!
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