Sunday, September 11, 2011

Growing Girls

We started off this morning a little rocky. Hadley has started refusing her nap occasionally and is a bear the next day. She was great yesterday but I did make her play in her room by herself for an hour. This mama needed a break!
She ended up pulling every single book out of her bookshelf, but she was so cute talking and reading to her babies.

We finally made it to MMO this morning and Hollins and I headed straight for the pediatrician's office for her one month check up, even though she is 6 weeks old this week.
Her stats were 10 pounds and 21 1/4 inches long. Her skin has been broken out now for about a month and I thought it was the dairy I had been consuming so I have been slowly stopping nursing and made the transition to soy formula. Well, the pediatrician said the rash is cradle cap which could lead to eczema and maybe allergies. She also seems to be having some reflux issues. Yay for another high-maintenance child. I finally was able to take Hadley off of expensive Nutramigen only to now give it to Hollins. Oh well, no one said children were cheap. I would rather her be on the Nutramigen and feel good than not. I really think all of Hadley's medical issues are what made her such a cranky baby-she felt bad all of the time and no one knew. It breaks my heart to think about how miserably she probably was the first year of her life. So, hopefully, we are starting Hollins off better.

My two sweet girls loving on one another!

Hadley has been hilarious lately. Two is a hard age but she is also so fun! Some random things are her nursing her babies, pumping her boobies, and praying for boobies. You can definitely tell there is a baby in the house.
I also find Elmo in random places. My favorite has been in the baby bouncy with a paci in his mouth. That sneaky Elmo taking the baby's paci!

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