Friday, July 30, 2010


I the only one who feels like being a mommy can make you lose your mind? I don't know if being a stay-at-home mom for the first time or that is officially back to work, as in, he's not here during the day anymore, but this has been the hardest week of the summer. Hadley is waking up several times a night and she is unable to put herself back to sleep and her naps last 20-30 minutes and then she's crying the rest of nap. I feel like I'm going crazy, literally. I took her to the doctor this afternoon just to make sure she didn't have an ear infection and told the nurse and the doctor that if Hadley wasn't prescribed something then I would need something, as in nerve pills. Nothing was wrong, just 4 or so teeth coming in at one time and I think her allergies are bothering her. I was planning on an extra early bedtime because she has been SO cranky, I mean I can't even put her down without a huge tantrum. (It's amazing what one can learn to do with only one arm!) The doctor said we could give her Benadryl and I was secretly hoping this would help her sleep better. Not sure if it is going to but after she had it, she was wide open! She was walking in circles, playing by herself, laughing, climbing. It was literally the best hour of our day. Maybe the Benadryl got her wound up for a bit and then she will knock out, she did go down without a fight and that's rare considering the past few days! I'm hoping for a better night but I doubt it so I better hit the bed!

I took these pictures at the doctor and I'm sure the nurse and doctor thought I was crazy because she was as happy as can be there. But I guess she understood because she prescribed me 2 glasses of wine for tonight. I took her advice but made it 3 just for good measure!

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