Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finally...A Break!

The past two weeks have been so busy, I feel like I just completed a marathon. So, I will start at the beginning!

Two weeks ago, I went to go work in my classroom while Eric kept Hadley for a few minutes. They love to ride the golf cart together. Except, that day they weren't able to go. Here's why....

My sweet husband forgets how mobile Hadley is these days. He sat her on the floor of the golf cart while he rolled up the cover. He said the next thing he knew, she was face down on the driveway with her arm sticking up. He thought she had broken her arm, but thankfully, she didn't! She was fine just a few scrapes and bruises and i really think it looked much worse than it felt. I think it hurt Eric more than Hadley, bless his heart.

That same day, Eric's grandfather passed away. Then, Tuesday, my grandfather passed away. My mother's side of the family lives in Georgia so Hadley and I made the trip and returned to SC Saturday morning! Poor Eric started a new job in the midst of all this!

This is Hadley during Mr. Dixon's funeral. She couldn't take the heat so we took a break in the car so we weren't disrespectful!

So after returning home around one, I did a few quick loads of laundry and repacked most of Hadley and my things and we headed to the beach that evening. I decided to just go ahead and go so we wouldn't waste two days of traveling.
We're back now after a week at the beach. We had a great time, but vacations for us are no longer relaxing. Hadley is a wild woman who keeps me busy. Thankfully, my mother-in-law has more energy than any person I've ever met and really helped us out.
After cleaning and organizing most of the day, I've got to get to bed! Tomorrow is my morning to get up with Hadley! Yay for 5:30! I'm praying for my child to one day sleep past 6:00!

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